Four new options available to improve efficiency and accuracy of feeding cattle.

Digi-Star introduces four new options to enhance the feed mixing and loading process. These include the CCT 400 and 500 touch screen units, External Radio Modems (ERM) plug-and-play, and a Cab Control App. These new cab control options are easy to use and provide farm managers with improved tools to manage feed ingredients, including the ability to view ingredient weights and make adjustments to rations during the loading process.

Chris Horton, Digi-Star product development manager, notes, “The new cab control options from Digi-Star are more intuitive, easier to use, increase feeder accuracy and provide enhanced management control.”

CCT 400 and 500: The new CCT 400 and 500 make it easy to view and control mixer scale indicators from inside the loader by providing increased mounting opportunities in smaller cabs of skid steer and telescopic loaders. The new indicators also minimize view obstruction due to the slim, compact design.

External Radio Modems plug-and-play: The ERM plug-and-play allows producers to add radio communication to existing indicators.

Cab Control App: The Cab Control App is the first of a number of new applications Digi-Star will be releasing for smart phones and tablets. It is free with the purchase of the External Radio Modem ERM WiFi system.

The new cab control options from Digi-Star work with all EZIII scale indicators and will be available from Digi-Star's extensive network of mixer manufacturers.