Moly Manufacturing, Inc.’s new model, SILENCER MAXX is 4” wider to accommodate extra large cattle, and 10-1/2” taller for more operator headroom during palpation. The SILENCER MAXX features dual, quick release side exits and easy access horizontal side panels and SILENCER’S standard hydraulic kick bars, extra long hydraulic neck extender bars, and patented N.R.S. (noise reduction system).

The SILENCER patented  N.R.S. of 130 contact points sheathed in polyethylene ensures a significantly reduced noise level during operation of the hydraulic chute. Moly’s N.R.S. has earned a reputation for promoting operator comfort and safety, and at the same time providing a quieter, less stressful environment for livestock.

SILENCER Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes are now available in 10 Models. Chute transports, scales, TurretGate, circular fencing, hydraulic loading chute, dual and single alleys, and transitions also available.

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