Protair-X Technologies confirms that its patented air filtration technology traps and inactivates airborne avian flu and other airborne diseases, preventing viral infiltration.

The Company's patented technology recently received the highest endorsement as testing conducted by Microbac Laboratories, a specialist in antimicrobial efficacy testing and viral clearance services, confirmed Protair-X's LiFE-PTM Filtration System (the "System") inactivated airborne avian flu at an efficiency rate of more than 99.998%.

The System has been developed specifically to complement and enhance the existing biosecurity protocols of poultry broiler operations globally. The System is very durable and easy to maintain, with Protair-X's filters lasting 3 years or more on site without any demonstrable reduction in efficacy. The System is also customizable, allowing it to be adapted to fit existing on-site barn infrastructure, minimizing installation time and cost.

Algis Vaitonis, Managing Director of Protair-X Technologies, commented: "We have been very active supporting the anti-viral filtration needs of the swine rearing industry for many years, and we are very pleased that our products will now make such a crucial difference to the biosecurity of the poultry industry. The test results are a confirmation of many years of research and development, including having spent the last year running poultry barn-specific testing in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. We are highly confident that the LiFE-PTM Filtration System could contribute meaningfully in reducing the spread and preventing outbreaks of avian flu and other infectious diseases in poultry flocks across North America and globally."

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