The country experienced one of the more contrasting winters on record, and weather conditions on opposing coasts were equally antithetic. According to a recent climate study, most Western states survived one of the top 10 warmest winters under an extreme drought while 23 Eastern and Northern states endured one of the top 10 coldest winters with record levels of snow[1].  Whether raising dairy cows in California or hens in Pennsylvania, the more time animals spend enclosed raises many risks to farm sanitation, livestock health and the spread of germs.  Ranchers and poultry owners are constantly faced with finding an efficient and effective solution to animal waste removal and disinfecting living areas. If left untreated, unsanitary stalls and stables will produce some of the most commonly known diseases such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Yersinia[2]Bio S.I. Technology’s Floor-Mate ( provides a natural solution to safeguard against the spread of dangerous pathogens to people and reduce the costs associated with sick and infectious animals.

Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate keeps bacteria from growing in manure left in bedding and protects livestock’s health from harmful toxins in waste matter and urine that can sicken animals with pneumonia. Moreover, in order to combat the odors from waste material, Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate utilizes non-manure, naturally occurring soil inoculants and microbes that break down the proteins, salts, and other materials found in urine and fecal matter, which can cause musty, unpleasant odors.  

“We understand the challenges of each season, but especially during colder months, in keeping livestock healthy and ready for the more productive months. In the day of large scale ranching to meet population and consumer demands, taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and your livestock is crucial to production throughout the year,” says Bio S.I Technology founder and CEO Wayne Tucker. “In addition to keeping livestock production up, Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate allows you to keep your costs and labor demands down.”

Floor-Mate can be sprayed as a diluted solution or rinse with water after, depending on the application needs, for a clean area. Bio S.I. varies in sizes of products, for any livestock. Floor-Mate is applicable to all types of livestock areas such as poultry houses, horse stalls, dairy barns, hog barns, and anywhere livestock is held. One quart of Bio S.I. Floor-Mate will cover up to 1,000 square feet, allowing you to save money on less concentrated solution or additional supplies and save time demanded from alternative cleaning methods. Using Bio S.I.’s Floor-Mate to ensure the livestock housing will remain safe and toxin free.

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