What’s the size of your livestock enterprise? If it’s not as big as you would like it to be, what are you afraid of?

These are questions that probably cross your mind every day, and the answer depends upon whether or not your dreams are bigger than your fears. And your answer is, we can only do what we can do — we don’t have unlimited resources.

For the big dreamers there are no unlimited resources. If you think you are de ned by the size of your bank account or your inheritance, than you probably shouldn’t be out here competing with the big boys. After all, you can’t jeopardize what you have or compete with all that wealth, right?





Actually, you can compete if you aren’t overcome with fear. Just as there are no limitations on the big boys, there shouldn’t be any on you either. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there is no limit to what you can become. Just replace your fear with faith.

“But how do I make that possible?” you ask. Just put together a business plan that lays out in detail what you want to become. Then, write a brief explaining how you expect to accomplish your goals.

“That sounds too simple,” you say. Actually, it is pretty simple. The key to success is expecting it to happen, and being thick-skinned enough to handle rejection. If you can conquer those two obstacles, you’re well on your way.

“If this were true, why doesn’t everybody do it?” Not many people have the gumption to break out of their comfort zone. Instead, they just settle for whatever it is they have. They’re afraid to take on any risk for fear of failure and persecution. But the fact is, these are erroneous concerns for whom you’re the only one concerned. Others could care less, and are often more envious of your success and don’t even notice your failures.

So, get the self-doubt, phony concerns, and unfounded excuses out of the way. When the path is cleared for you to go forward, you would be amazed how creative your mind can become when it is rid of all that clutter. You are now focused on the task at hand.

You begin by sharing these newfound objectives with every relative, close friends, and trusted acquaintances you have. These are the only people that really care about you, and become your alliance of business relationships. Only the people that care about you will make any attempt to corroborate your story with their circle of acquaintances. Your resources then begin to multiply tenfold, bringing people to you that you would never have considered on your own.

It’s the relationships you make along the way that will effectively cause your dreams to come true

The biggest mistake that one can make is reaching out to complete strangers. They will promise you the world if you pay them enough, but could care less about your dream, other than how it might feed their dreams. But because of fear we often feel safer when dealing with people we don’t know.

Working with strangers to avoid the pitfalls of fear often becomes our safety net.

Once you’ve developed a scheme of networking that is producing results, you’ll nd unlimited resources. These will be legitimate contacts that were brought about by people that care about you–people for which it took a lifetime to build a relationship of trust and competency. Cultivate those seeds that have been planted and are now starting to produce a harvest.

You can be guaranteed success if you follow these words of advice. There is always a way if you just keep searching. Often, when you start looking, you don’t even know what it is that you’re looking for. But the answers will reveal themselves in places you would never have considered.

Money will be your most challenging resource. Without it, the rest is just window dressing. The popular TV show “Shark Tank” is a good example of underfunded entrepreneurship. When properly funded, most any dream can come true.

If your dream is out of the scope of conventional wisdom, then reach beyond those con ning borders of traditional nancing. There are infinite sources of investment money looking for a creative business plan.

Fear is the only thing that can get in the way of a big dream, so you of little faith, stay content with what you have; kind of like never leaving home, for fear of being exposed for what you are. But for those that are biting at the bit for a taste of life that expands beyond your imagination, fulfilling your God-given potential—it’s there for the taking. Those that help themselves are seldom found in line asking for help.

A dream can only be as big as the fearless individual who dreams it.

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