Farming is changing, and the new generation is starting to take over and they are doing business differently.  As in any other industry today, this generation is ready to adapt to the latest technologies out there that can serve them best.  Go360|bioTrack serves notice that it is the go-to system with application for livestock farmers to easily capture and access decision critical data anytime and anywhere for optimal livestock production and management.  

"Farmers can expect to have to do more to meet buyer demands. McDonalds and Walmart are leading the inevitable charge toward verification of what you are doing on your farm and with your animals.  Go360|bioTrack is simply the best way to make that chore easy," says Mike McMorris, General Manager at BIO.

 "The Go360 technology is used widely in telecommunications, utility and security sectors.  We are excited about our partnership with BIO to bring this technology to agriculture and make farming easier and more profitable," says Chris Cameron, CEO of Angus GeoSolutions Incorporated (AGSI).

BIO has been helping farmers and processors make better business decisions for more than 20 years. Their unique web-based systems allow them to extend our reach across borders and oceans. They serve clients throughout North America, South East Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, sharing knowledge of how to manage livestock and identify the best performing animals to some of the top producing countries in the world.

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