Calving season is well under way in most parts of the country, and many farmers and ranchers are already searching for ways to add value to those calves. According to South Dakota producer Bill Weller, AngusSource® proved successful for his calf crop, bringing nearly $5 per hundredweight more at sale time.
“People need a reason to buy your calves, and when a market heads south, they want even more information,” says Weller of Kadoka, S.D. “With the added information, and essentially the advantage of AngusSource, I can sell to almost anyone in a selective market.”
Operated by the American Angus Association®, AngusSource is a USDA process-verified program (PVP) that documents source, group age and a minimum of 50% Angus genetics. The program combines the value of age and source verification with the Angus genetic component, all at a lower cost than comparable programs.
Smaller fees and higher premiums were exactly what Weller wanted to implement into his herd four years ago. After attending a seminar on how to add a marketing program to his operation, he was convinced the program for him. Now, Weller can’t see his operation without AngusSource, especially in today’s environment.
“AngusSource is another step forward to provide high-quality beef to our consumers; if we all utilize the programs provided by the Association, it is unbelievable what can be done if our cattle fall in the right hands at market,” Weller says.
With AngusSource as his safety net, Weller has all the information he needs to get his cattle sold at a premium. Last year, Weller’s steers brought a $3 to $5 higher premium than others sold in the same auction. This year was no exception, as his steers continued to top the local market. The return value of the AngusSource program is great, especially when compared to the little time it takes to enroll and tag calves.
 “Even in a volatile market, people want quality genetics,” says Ginette Kurtz, AngusSource quality manager. “The AngusSource online marketing support and unofficial verification certificate supplies buyers who want the Angus advantage with decision making data.”
 The AngusSource staff asks tough questions in order to ensure requirements are satisfied, but the overall process is simple and time-efficient. To qualify for AngusSource, calves must be enrolled by the ranch of origin, have known group age (first born calf, at minimum) and be sired by a properly transferred and registered Angus bull.
“Depending on your preparation, enrollment takes about 30 minutes to an hour,” Kurtz says.
To get started, visit to:
1.)    Read the Producer Participant Manual, Program Requirements and Participation Requirements.
2.)    Complete the Producer Participant Enrollment Form and Producer Participant Agreement and return them to AngusSource via mail or fax along with copies of your original calving records for the group of calves you want to enroll.
3.)    Complete your AngusSource training and enrollment via phone. Additional management questions will be asked and in certain cases, an on-site visit may be required.
A second-tier program called Gateway offers a cost-effective option for producers wishing to verify only the source and age of their calves, without the Angus-sired requirement. The AngusSource Feedyard Umbrella offers additional PVP coverage to feedyards and farmer feeders.
The American Angus Association serves nearly 30,000 members across the United States and Canada. It provides programs and services to farmers, ranchers and others who rely on the power of Angus to produce quality genetics for the beef industry and quality beef for consumers.
For more information about Angus cattle and the American Angus Association’s programs and services, visit