Basketball may have dominated Tuesday’s buzz surrounding British Prime Minister David Cameron’s trip to the United States, but bison was the all-star of last night’s State Dinner at the White House.
As President Obama hosted Cameron at the White House Wednesday evening, the two world leaders-and their invited guests–enjoyed a main course featuring Bison Wellington with Red Wine Reduction, French Beans, and Cipollini Onion.
According to CNN White House Supervising Producer Stacia Deshishku, "The Main Course, Bison Wellington, is a perfect pairing of US and UK cultures. The Wellington is a classic English dish given an American twist with the use of buffalo tenderloin."
The State Dinner came as Cameron wrapped up his U.S. visit, which included a trip with the President to a college basketball game on Tuesday.
Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association, noted, "The White House knows that there is nothing better than bison when entertaining close friends and important guests. The selection of Bison Wellington demonstrates the versatility chefs enjoy when cooking with this uniquely American product."
Carter added, "People don’t need to hold a state dinner to enjoy bison. There’s nothing better than a bison burger or hot dog while watching the NCAA playoffs. And, lean, healthy buffalo is now available in retail outlets and restaurants across the country."
Wednesday’s event is not the first time that bison has been featured as the main course at a White House State Dinner. President George W. Bush served bison at a State Dinner for Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2002.
"There’s no politics involved when it comes to bison," Carter said. "Presidents Obama and Bush agree that bison is the true blue American red meat."