Livestock producers looking to increase their forage production and lengthen their grazing season should rejuvenate their pastures this spring by interseeding a customized perennial pasture grass seed mixture, says Eric Mousel, forage and alfalfa specialist for Millborn Seeds, Inc, Brookings and Sioux City.

"Interseeding is an inexpensive way to increase species diversity within a pasture," said Mousel, who helps producers maximize their forage production. "Increasing the diversity of warm and cool season grass species ensures livestock have fresh, high quality forage to graze the entire growing season because different species mature at different times."

Because every landowner’s needs and growing conditions vary, Mousel likes to work with livestock owners one-on-one to develop a mixture that works best for them and meets their livestock nutrition and forage needs.

Starting fresh
If a landowner plans to start fresh or convert cropland to pasture this spring, Mousel says they need to begin with weed control.

"To aid with weed control, I suggest planting a nurse crop that will grow in with the grass seed," he said. "Nurse crops are a temporary, aggressive, fast growing crop that shade out weeds and can be cut for hay."

He adds that by cutting the nurse crop for hay, livestock owners not only get a hay crop, but also prevent any weeds from going to seed.

To develop a customized seed mixture to succeed in your growing conditions and meet your pasture and forage needs contact Mousel at [email protected] or 888-498-7333.