Veterinarian Dr. Joe Bender clearly explains  how the cow drenching process is done using the Advanced Agri Solutions Drench System and AAS Drench Mix products.  The video shows how to properly restrain the cow, prepare and administer the drench mix, attach the speculum and the ways to check for proper insertion of the drench hose into the cow’s esophagus.
AAS Drench Mix supplies critical nutrients to cows which have recently calved or are off feed and in need of rehydration.  The water in the drench helps with rehydration and the drench mix provides nutrients and electrolytes to stimulate the cow’s appetite and supplement essential nutrients.
AAS Drench Mix with Calcium, AAS Drench Mix with Energy Malt, Energy Malt with Celmanax® and other Advanced Agri Solutions products are available through veterinarians, nutritionists, feed distributors and animal health suppliers. The company provides transition cow health products,  rumen-enhancing microbial products, drench mix, calf supplements and preventative care products for calves. For more information, visit