For the fourth consecutive year Novartis Animal Health US, Inc., sponsored the “Ultimate Heifer Makeover” competition at the NC Junior Beef Roundup, which was held at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, June 1 – 3, 2012.  The event has become a highlight of the show as a record-breaking total of 68 youth making up 17 teams competed in the timed challenge.      

Brooke and LeAnn Harward of Richfield, N.C., and Charleigh Birdsell and Chelsie Bobbitt of Ennice, N.C., made up this year’s winning team that displayed top-notch cattle fitting skills and teamwork. Each member of the team received a heavy-duty bucket complete with an award medal and cattle grooming clippers. Second and third place team participants received award medals and cattle grooming supplies. All other participants received a 22-quart feed pan containing a ‘team participant’ event decal.  

“Supporting youth livestock programs allows Novartis Animal Health to have a part in building a strong interest in beef production among young people,” says Scott Morey, senior bovine marketing manager at Novartis Animal Health US, Inc., which is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C. “Events like the Ultimate Heifer Makeover are a great way for us [Novartis] to support our customers and the next generation of cattle producers. Team-building events help cultivate relationships with other beef enthusiasts, and this is a valuable asset as these young people get older.” 

Brooke Harward, the senior member of the winning team and who is currently serving the Angus industry as Miss American Angus and president of the NC Junior Angus Association, says leading and encouraging young people is something she strives to achieve. 

“Success should be measured by our dedication to service and the impact we have on others,” notes Harward. “We had two less-experienced young girls on our team and being able to work together to show them what to do was not only helpful to them, but fun and personally gratifying to me and my sister, LeAnn.”
Each team was required to have four members, and only one member could be an advanced showman (over 16 years of age)—all others had to be younger. Beef heifers used in the contest had to be entered in the cattle show. 

Teams were given 30 minutes to groom their cattle. Only clippers, conditioning products, blowers, combs and brushes could be used. Once the time expired, one member from each team presented their heifer in the show ring to three judges who asked questions, evaluated work and determined the winners.

The first place team in the “Ultimate Heifer Makeover” at the North Carolina Jr. Beef Roundup held in Raleigh on June 1-3, includes (back from left) Brooke Harward, who is currently serving as Miss American Angus, and LeAnn Harward, both of Richfield, NC; and (front from left) Charleigh Birdsell and Chelsie Bobbitt of Ennice, NC. The event was sponsored by Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.