Video released by ImmuCell highlights importance of immediate immunity from veterinarian’s perspective.
ImmuCell recently released a new informational video on newborn calf health as part of the Immediate Immunity™ YouTube channel. Available
here, one veterinarian offers advice and shares experiences on the importance of immediate immunity.
Steve Hayes, DVM and owner of Day 1 Technology, is featured in the piece titled “A Veterinarian’s Perspective: Immediate Immunity – Why is it Important?” Hayes offers insights applicable to both beef and dairy producers on the role colostrum plays in developing immunity, information on concentrated and targeted antibody products on the market and tips to ensure that calves receive a solid start.
“A calf isn’t born with antibodies to protect it from diseases,” Hayes explains. “The calf must receive the antibodies through colostrum. To provide calves with immediate immunity and to protect calves from E. coli and coronavirus, supplemental antibody products can complement a quality colostrum feeding program.”
Hayes also shares advice by offering five key steps that all producers can remember to ensure their calves receive the best start:

1. Avoid stress and dystocia;
2. Provide a clean maternity pen;
3. Administer quality colostrum in a timely manner;
4. Dip the navel; and
5. House calves in a clean, dry location.

 Bobbi (Kunde) Brockmann, director of sales and marketing with ImmuCell, says the video adds to the expertise available on the Immediate Immunity YouTube page.
“The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel continues to be a valuable resource for all cattle producers,” Brockmann says. “It’s vital to the beef and dairy industries that producers and veterinarians share their experiences and learn from one another about newborn calf management. The actions we take on day one play a pivotal role in the growth and productivity of the calf’s future.”
The Immediate Immunity YouTube channel is a resource center on newborn calf health. View videos on the Immediate Immunity
YouTube channel. Additional information is available on the Immediate Immunity Facebook page.