As 2013 approaches, thoughts turn to New Year resolutions. Many cattlemen may be focusing on how they can increase cow herd productivity and profitability. With that goal in mind, the American Angus Association® encourages breeders to consider enrolling cows in the MaternalPlus® program.
“Efficiency is critical in today’s cattle business,” says Association Chief Operating Officer Bill Bowman. “The MaternalPlus program is an additional tool producers can use to evaluate their animals and make the best management decisions possible.”
Launched in early 2012, MaternalPlus is a voluntary, inventory-based reporting system designed to capture additional reproductive trait data, and ultimately, expand the No. 1 profit driver in the cattle industry — reproductive and lifetime productivity. Already, nearly 170 breeders have participated in the MaternalPlus program.
“We have solid information on carcass traits, growth trends and other profit determinants,” Bowman says. “MaternalPlus allows us to analyze data that has otherwise gone undocumented, and can make a huge impact to an operation’s bottom line.”
And there is no better time than the New Year to sign up for MaternalPlus. Producers can enroll at any time, but for spring-calving programs the best time is prior to the beginning of calving season.
With enrollment, producers will receive additional information at weaning processing including calving ease, birth weight and weaning weight expected progeny differences (EPDs) for calves out of inventoried cows.
MaternalPlus allows producers to:
  • capture cow herd and reproductive performance data;
  • gain faster access to preweaning EPDs as a selection tool;
  • characterize females through heifer pregnancy EPDs tied directly to herd genetics;
  • expand new trait development for Angus reproductive and longevity measures; and
  • streamline their ability to track heifer and cow reproductive records through AAA Login.
In addition, MaternalPlus lays the groundwork for selection tools related to cow longevity in the herd. For each cow, if a calf is not reported, a disposal code needs to be designated. Gathering these records will allow the Association, and individual cattlemen, the opportunity to study female trait improvements similar to what the Angus breed has witnessed in other economically relevant traits.
Get started with MaternalPlus by visiting the website or accessing AAA Login. To learn more about signing up, reference this Angus Journal article written by Association Director of Genetic Research Sally Northcutt.
A list of farms and ranches that have completed the MaternalPlus enrollment to date follows.
Highlander Ranch, Alabama

Pleasant Grove Farms, Alabama

Fred & Shirley Williams, Arkansas

Fox Angus Venture, California

J J Angus, California

Rollingwood Ranch, California

Joe & Michele Sammis,  California

Schafer Angus Cattle, California

Mick Cotten, Colorado

Michael L Ripp, Colorado

Hill Vue Farm, Georgia

Mike McCravy, Georgia

D K Bechtum & Family, Iowa

Brad Z Ranch, Iowa

Crawford & Crawford Inc., Iowa

R A Hanrahan & Son, Iowa

Iowa State University Research Herd, Iowa

Lance Larsen, Iowa

Nichols Farms, Iowa

Pure Genetics Angus, Iowa

Wiederstein Pure Angus Farm, Iowa

Chester Adams, Idaho

Stewart Select Angus LLC, Indiana

Joel & or Mary Bunker, Kansas

Dalebanks Angus Inc., Kansas

Wendling Farm LLC, Kansas

Timothy John Sullivan, Minnesota

Douglas R Cartee II, Missouri

Eggers Stock Farm, Missouri

Farnsworth Cattle Co, Missouri

Carl or Linda Goodnight, Missouri

Hunter Angus, Missouri

Robt D/J Paula Neese, Missouri

Elizabeth M Otte, Missouri

Worthington Angus, Missouri

Kollin N Davis, Mississippi

Waggoner Cattle Co LLC, Mississippi

Sitz Angus Farm, Montana

Daniel Brown, North Carolina

W A Cook Jr, North Carolina

Diamond J Angus Ranch, North Dakota

Keith & Nikki Medalen, North Dakota

Opp Bros Angus, North Dakota

Ressler Angus, North Dakota

Shane & Amanda Talkington, North Dakota

Richard C Tokach, North Dakota

Kraus Angus Ranch, Nebraska

William N Riecken, Nebraska

Arlen J & Becky Sawyer, Nebraska

Douglas A or Mary F Emrick, Ohio

Terry & Denise Pearcy, Oklahoma

John H Pfeiffer Jr, Oklahoma

James Anderson, South Dakota

Sodak Angus Ranch, South Dakota

Stomprud Angus Ranch, South Dakota

Peter A DiCorleto, Tennessee

Haynes Angus Farm, Tennessee

Bradley 3 Ranch Limited, Texas

Olson Cattle Co., Texas

Edgewood Angus LLC, Virginia

Matt Hayter, Washington

Woodhill Farms Inc., Wisconsin

Daniel Greet, Wyoming

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Crystal Albers sits down with Bill Bowman, chief operating officer at the American Angus Association, to explain the value of breeding records and why it is important look into reproductive selection tools, including the recently launched MaternalPlus program.