furnishes 24/7 access to the Performance Horse Industry.

Tom McCutcheon launches his dream site of providing a one-stop training and behind the scenes website to horse enthusiast nationally and around the globe. Through virtual means, members will have 24/7 access to top professional training and a behind the scenes view of the Performance Horse Industry.

With, McCutcheon hopes to bring everything a horse enthusiast needs directly to them through virtual means. The site can assist them with one-on-one training, a library of training videos, video biographies of top professionals and horses, interaction with other horse enthusiasts, insight and information on products, virtual horses that members can follow, photo galleries, barn tours, member forums, and a real life view of what goes on behind the scenes video clips.

A unique feature of the site is a virtual view of what goes on behind the scenes of a top-notch training barn. Real life footage of training, showing, buying, selling, life at the ranch, breeding and the work required to manage and maintain a top show facility is uploaded to the site so members have an opportunity to experience it first-hand through virtual means.

"I am extremely happy with the response we have received so far on the website," says McCutcheon. "The site will allow members to interact directly with top professionals and other horse enthusiasts without ever having to leave their own farm." Mark, a new subscriber, says "Fantastic response which only confirmed my thoughts. I am afraid you will need to charge me more money for such an awesome website because I am going to be a repeat offender. So glad I heard you on XM radio."