BisonFinder lists retailers, restaurants and ranches carrying bison.

Want bison meat? Now, there is an App for that.
The National Bison Association this week formally launched BisonFinder, a free downloadable App that will allow consumers to easily locate nearby restaurants, retail stores, farmer’s markets and farm-direct outlets that carry deliciously healthy bison meat.

"As bison grows in popularity, we received more calls each week from people asking, ‘where can I find it?’" said Dave Carter, executive director of the National Bison Association. "With BisonFinder, people can easily find the products available in their area."
The app identifies the user’s location, using GPS, and then brings up a list of nearby establishments offering bison meat. With a couple of simple taps on the screen, the user can receive directions to that location, and will be provided with the telephone number and website information.

The free app is the first of its kind in the bison business and has approximately 500 "locations" for consumers to utilize to locate local buffalo.

To download the app, simply go to the iTunes or Android Play Stores on your smart phone, tablet or iTouch, or follow one of the links below.