Keeping livestock healthy is essential for any agricultural operation. According to a recent article published through Oxford University Press, “Interest in probiotics is at an all-time high in the United States, driven in part by new products emerging in the market”.[1] Fortunately, Bio S.I. Technology has created their proprietary JACKPOT I Livestock Probiotics and JACKPOT II Equine Probiotics formulated for livestock and horses to help maintain their health.
The microbes found in Bio S.I.’s Probiotic products for poultry, goats, dairy and beef cattle, and hogs will help ensure that your stock remains healthy—the natural way. This formula helps restore healthy levels of naturally-occurring beneficial microbes to your animals’ digestive tract. These microbes help reduce gastrointestinal problems that result from highly populated living conditions, and may help reduce the overall use of antibiotics. Directly adding JACKPOT I Livestock Probiotics to the animals’ drinking water will increase their health benefits.
JACKPOT I Livestock Probiotics brings beneficial soil-borne microbes (bacteria), created in nature, to the animals. The microbes in JACKPOT I help to maintain the animals’ digestive systems for optimum digestion of food.  When livestock are kept in contained areas, stress causes them to assimilate to their food improperly, restricting them from the essential nutrients needed for weight gain. Gaining weight is a critical component to the livestock’s’ prosperity and with compromised digestion of food due to the loss of proper microbes in the digestive tract, producers lose money every day.  Simply adding Bio S.I’s JACKPOT I Livestock Probiotics to the animals’ drinking water or feed will allow them to maintain the optimum level of beneficial microbes for digestion. In turn this will promote better utilization of feed, reduced stress caused by boarding/shipping/hauling, and reduce stress caused by antibiotic use and worming.  
While Bio S.I.’s JACKPOT I Probiotic formula  targets the health benefits for livestock, JACKPOT II Probiotic formula contains the necessary beneficial microbes specifically formulated for horses to keep their digestive tracts working healthy, and may reduce the reliance on low-dose and prophylactic antibiotics. Normally, beneficial soil microbes are ingested when a horse is grazing. Much of the time, small amounts of soil are ingested with the grass; this soil is where the microbes come into the digestive tract. Unfortunately, many horses are unable to graze as often as they need, and are unable to naturally sustain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria. With the added stress of moving them, changes in their environment, and being kept in confined areas for long periods of time can affect horses’ health. The addition of Bio S.I.’s JACKPOT II to nutrition programs can help reduce health issues in horses brought on by stress, poor diet, worming, and the overuse of antibiotics.
Bio S.I’s JACKPOT formulas are highly effective and concentrated. Apply 1-2 oz per every 50 gallons of water or 1-2 drops directly on top of feed. JACKPOT formulas are available for purchase in pints, quarts, gallons, 2.5 gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums or totes at farm supply stores or online at Larger orders can be delivered upon request.