Farming operations with livestock understand the challenge of feeding those animals day in and day out. Hauling the feed is time consuming and hard work, but Stull Feeders has a solution. Their gravity flow and auger fed feeders make it possible to feed animals directly from an ATV or UTV, without having to leave the seat.

Today’s farmers can choose from 200 and 400 pound capacity gravity flow feeders and 600 pound capacity auger fed feeders. Both designs mount to almost any ATV or UTV without difficulty. "This is important," said a company spokesperson, "because it allows the user to feed from the comfort and safety of their seat. There is no longer a need to get out and get in with the animals. Simply allow the feeder to deliver the feed."

Stull Feeders have been providing their feeders since 2007. With this design, farmers can save time, which is crucial to running a successful operation, and avoid the need to haul five-gallon buckets to their animals over and over, which conserves energy. Finally, the feeders reduce feed loss from torn bags, which occur often when feeding by hand.

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200 Stull Feeder

200 Pound Stull Feeder with ATV Mounting Kit

400 Stull Feeder

400 Pound Stull Feeder with UTV Mounting Kit