New balanced supplement allows cows to consume the supplement they need, when they need it for optimal body condition scores year-round.
Purina Animal Nutrition introduces Accuration® Block, a new balanced supplement for beef cows. The supplement is formulated to help cows maintain ideal body condition scores (BCS) by providing the nutrients cattle need to complement available forage.
“The Accuration® Block is a new self-fed supplement that producers can use to complement their forages and promote consistent BCS throughout the year,” says Mike Berg, marketing manager lactating livestock for Purina Animal Nutrition.
The Accuration® Block incorporates Intake Modifying Technology®, a proprietary technology developed by Purina Animal Nutrition. This technology encourages snack eating throughout the day, which supports rumen efficiency, helps address nutrient waste and aids in forage digestion.
Research shows that supplying the energy and protein supplement to the cow herd free-choice helps cows to meet the optimum BCS of 5.5 to 6. Research trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Mo.[1] showed cows ate 0.7 pounds less per head per day on average than a previous product.
The Accuration® Block was further proven through feeding demonstrations in six different states with 14 groups of cattle on a wide variety of forages. This resulting research demonstrated  that Accuration® Block intake will vary depending on forage conditions (supplement consumption of 0.25 to 3.5 pounds per head per day),[1] and confirmed that cattle will consume nutrients based on individual needs to help maintain a consistent BCS.
“Cows with more consistent BCS are better suited to perform short term and long-term,” Berg says. “These cows have potential for improved conception rates, calf performance, weaning weights and performance of the next generation heifers. This has been shown in commercial herds that have implemented the Purina® Sustained® Nutrition 12-month Cow Care Program.”
The Accuration® Block is available in different sizes and forms to fit the needs of the cattle producer, including: 200 pound block, 200 pound plastic tub, 500 pound block and an NB version in a 200 pound plastic tub.
For more information on the Accuration® Block and to order the product, contact your local Purina Animal Nutrition representative, call 800-227-8941 or visit

[1] The Accuration® block was tested against consumption levels of Sup-R-Block® 2HL in 3 trials and intakes were measured in 14 groups of cattle on pasture of varying breeds in the states of Missouri, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina, Kentucky, Iowa and Colorado from as early as August 2012 to as late as April 2013. Pasture or animal locations’ complementing nutrition included various feedstuffs depending on location including:  short grass, grass hay, alfalfa/ oat hay, corn silage, free-choice hay, corn stalks, fescue pasture, fescue/ brome hay, dormant pasture with coastal Bermuda grass hay.


Purina Animal Nutrition introduces a new supplement option for cattle producers: Accuration® Block. Intake Modifying Technology® in the product allows producers to feed the Accuration® Block free-choice, helping cows to consume the nutrients they need to complement available forages for optimum body condition scores.