AgriLabs and SmartVet USA, Inc. have formed a long-term partnership to launch the first-ever VetGun™ delivery system across the U.S. to effectively treat horn flies and lice in cattle.

“The energy surrounding this new technology platform is exciting to cattle producers,” said Steve Schram, President and CEO of AgriLabs. “Seldom in our company’s history have we made such a significant investment of capital and human resources to bring a new product to market,” Schram continued. “After three years of collaborative development with SmartVet, we are fully committed to this revolutionary new remote delivery platform and development of additional products based around ease of use, and precise dosing.”

Next Generation of Horn Fly Control
The VetGun uses precision-engineered CO2  power to project a precise dosage of AiM-L™ VetCap to treat the animal. Each VetCap contains an EPA-approved insecticide in a soft gel capsule which can be fired from a safe distance of 20 to 30 feet while cattle graze or feed. The VetCap fragments upon impact allowing the topically-applied insecticide to go to work immediately similar to that of pour-on applications.

Tested and Approved
SmartVet and AgriLabs have demonstrated the use and benefits of the VetGun system extensively at cattle industry events to gauge market interest and gather input directly from producers. Test marketing verified that cattle producers are pleased to have a safer, no-stress method for timely and effective parasite control which eliminates the need for handling, extra labor and facilities.

“This new approach to delivering parasite control in an easy and humane way at a time most beneficial to cattle contributes directly to productivity and profits,” said Grant Weyer, SmartVet USA CEO. “Once they see the immediate benefit and value of the VetGun and learn about the efficacy and control data generated from independent studies, progressive producers are eager to incorporate it into their herd management practices,” Weyer continued.

"Our partnership is committed to scaling up manufacturing, distribution and awareness,” said Weyer. “We will continue to develop innovative new products for delivery with the VetGun System.”