Broad-spectrum premise spray offers residual effectiveness of up to 90 days in a single treatment.

Bayer HealthCare LLC Animal Health Division has announced the introduction of a broad-spectrum premise spray called Annihilator™ Polyzone®. The product provides livestock producers with long-term control of crawling, flying and wood-infesting pests. Bayer’s proprietary technology allows the product to withstand aggressive surfaces, weather and wash-off conditions for up to 90 days. This residual enables users to maintain control with fewer applications which can result in reduced labor.
“Calf facilities in the summer are one of the worst places you could be for flies,” said Dairy Manager Benny Rector from Hilmar, Calif. “We sprayed calf pens before we put calves in them, and we sprayed the surrounding area. The residual effects lead to less labor for me to put it on. And, it’s a constant, maintained control over those 8-12 weeks — that’s the big thing — it’s a constant kill.”
The proprietary technology within Annihilator Polyzone forms a protective layer between the active ingredient particles and the applied area adhering them to the surface. As the Polyzone crystals erode over time, the active ingredient, deltamethrin, is slowly released, leading to effective control for up to 90 days. This residual gives users the ability to apply the product in many areas, as well as hard-to-spray areas.
“With Annihilator Polyzone, we are providing livestock producers an effective long-term premise spray,” says Cary Christensen, DVM, Director, Food Animal Business Unit, Bayer. “This is part of the Bayer Defense Point System, an integrated pest control management system designed to help protect animal operations from pests. Because of the significant economic impact — and health and wellness affect — flies have on livestock operations, producers need additional tools to help manage flies.”
Annihilator Polyzone is one of the latest innovations in a portfolio of brands that help make Bayer a leading provider of pest management solutions.  

Annihilator Polyzone is sold by the pint and distributed by Bayer HealthCare and available through Bayer-approved distributors.