Turnkey Computer Systems, LLC., the leading supplier of management and accounting systems to the cattle feeding industry, again demonstrates its innovative, dependable, and leading-edge applications, systems and solutions for feedlot operations at the 2014 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Tradeshow February 4th through February 7th in Nashville, TN.

Turnkey Computer Systems will be exhibiting in Booth# 381, along with Animal Health International Technologies, a division of Animal Health International.

Turnkey’s Feedyard Accounting and Management System (FAMS) has been on the leading edge of the cattle-feeding industry for over twenty-five years, and Turnkey’s applications and systems track over 10,000,000 head of cattle per year in 18 states and Canada.  FAMS is a multi-module system which allows feedlot operations and operators to manage virtually every cattle inventory activity, including receiving, shipments, movements and deads, across multiple users, yards and companies.  In addition, the FAMS system is the source for all input and commodity activity, including contracting, receiving, ration formulation, and commodity costing, and provides for charge entry, and billing.  Further, the FAMS interfaces to the Turnkey Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Risk Management, General Ledger, and Notes System.

Turnkey will also feature its Animal Management Studio (AMS).  AMS is a state-of-the-art software solution which allows for individual animal health monitoring, feed bunk management, and feed truck management throughout the feedyard production cycle.   The AMS Health Management module records health treatments, and provides medication withdrawal notification.  AMS’s Feed Management module manages feed production analysis and feed truck load management, and provides an interface for feed additive and mill batch management. The Truck System module manages ration ingredient loading and recording, driver pen delivery and feeding status, individual pen notifications delivered real-time via GPS, and automated posting and recording of ingredients and fed amounts.

FY3000 is an additional feedyard accounting solution, and provides critical feedlot and commodity management data across multiple feedlots, locations, ranches and pastures.  FY3000 monitors and provides operators data on cattle inventory, grain and commodity inventory, creates invoices and statements, and assists feedlot operators and managers in staying abreast of all feedlot accounting activities.

Turnkey’s Visual Management System (VMS) further enhances the FAMS tools, receiving data directly from all of the Turnkey applications on a daily basis, providing for interactive charts, graphs and drill-down field for easy access and analysis of critical management data.  Exception alerts notify of yard conditions that fall outside of predetermined parameters, allowing users to spend more time fixing problems that may occur in the yard and less time trying to identify them.

In addition, Turnkey provides users the finest implementation, training and support in the industry.  Services include classroom training, onsite implementation or conversion assistance, telephone support, and continuing software updates.  Turnkey’s experienced team is qualified to meet the unique needs of the feedyard industry, with employees who have extensive knowledge of the applications, and, importantly, of the cattle business.

Learn more by calling 800-999-0049, or by visiting www.turnkey.net.