Treating horn flies just got easier, thanks to a new breakthrough method of delivery available through AgriLabs. VetGun™, manufactured by SmartVet, offers an innovative, time-saving approach for applying insecticide-filled gel capsules known as AiM-L VetCaps™ to control horn flies and lice on cattle.

“The common practice for applying insecticides normally requires cattle to be gathered or run through a chute” said Steve Schram, President and CEO of AgriLabs. “Many ranchers just don't have access to suitable facilities year-round and some find the physical part difficult. That’s why we partnered with SmartVet to offer the VetGun technology — giving cattle producers a more simplified form of treatment.”

Cutting-edge delivery system 

VetGun is an innovative precise dosage delivery system designed to fire a soft, gelatin capsule known as a VetCap. Each VetCap contains a precise dosage of an EPA-approved insecticide. VetCAps are specially designed to burst on impact and release its contents. Upon contact, it begins to migrate across the hide.

The precision-engineered VetGun is CO2 powered and applies the VetCaps to cattle at a range of 15 to 30 feet — allowing the producer to treat animals from a safe distance. It’s as simple as laying down a lick, hay or feed to create a positive correlation with the dosing process. Most animals  show little reaction and return to grazing.

Many benefits for cattle producers

VetGun is designed to make cattle ranchers’ lives easier. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Time savings — One person can treat at least 100 head in a fraction of the time required with other methods.
  • Low stress for animal — the VetGun delivery system helps reduce animal stress. Healthier cattle have improved feed conversion efficiencies, weight gain, overall health and productivity advantages, which add to the producer’s profitability.
  • Cost-effective — VetGun reduces the need for additional labor to gather and confine animals, as well as the requirement for expensive special handling facilities.

“The advantage of the VetGun is its ease of use,” said Schram. “Cattle producers have the freedom to shoot it while on foot, horseback or from the comfort of an ATV or vehicle. It’s the ideal solution for producers looking for minimal stress to the animal with an easy delivery system.”

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