Up until now excavation has been a two man job. To get the work done, a heavy equipment operator and a site shooter was needed. The shooter would spend the majority of the work day standing holding a grade pole. Unfortunately, even the best operator was dependent on correct work by the site shooter. Excavating Solutions, LLC has a solution for wasted man hours and less than precise excavation and trenching.

I Dig Best offers valuable benefits for both construction and agricultural operations. The system offers more than just labor savings. An excavation at the wrong depth, too much or too little is costly. The wrong slope can result in failures. Septic tanks and drainage ditches must be set correctly for proper operation.

Excavating Solutions has the answer in an easy-to-use system. Users will achieve the right grade depth, slope and flatness with no grade pole or laser level required. The touch screen is clear and programming the settings is easy. Up to 10 profiles can be stored in the memory and used on different machines. Simply move the system to the equipment in use, including tractors, graders or loaders.

I Dig Best Degrees, or machine controls, offer hydraulic controls that provide perfect finishes with the flat bottom of a bucket. The patented valves allow the boom to work in a safe semi-float state. The operator feels the control and motion of the boom while the bucket makes adjustments for precision results.

Optional controls allow the excavator to dig to grade automatically. The auto steer valving is easily installed, simply set the grade depth and achieve auto level grading. Equipment operators can dig foundations, footers and ditches with accuracy without ever leaving the cab.

Measurement conversion and auto plumb bob are included features. I Dig Best also works with long reach attachments and 4” to 12” trenching buckets. The system is compatible with existing GPS equipment. The equipment is designed to stand up to the harsh temperatures, moisture and vibration of dig sites.

See it in action!

Excavating operations are made safer with the ability to sense underground utilities. This x-ray vision feature makes even blind or underwater digging an easier process. Operators can avoid underground dangers while still trenching and excavating around them. Simply set the “safety zone” and use the optional hydraulic kill feature. I Dig Best works with all backhoes and excavators.

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Optional machine control feature and X-Ray vision will let you see to dig around utilities.