Brandt is proud to announce the addition of the new 2045LP Field GrainBelt to the most complete grain handling line-up in the industry. Unveiled at the 2014 Canada's Farm Progress Show in June,the new 2045LP Field GrainBelt moves grain quickly and gently to keep up with today's fast paced farms while protecting fragile crops.

Using a 20" belt inside a 14" tube, the new 2045LP is Brandt's fastest and most efficient Field GrainBelt, moving 12,000 bushels per hour with only 35 horsepower. Built on Brandt's years of grain handling experience, the new 2045LP is the ultimate in productivity. The low profile hopper easily fits under center dump grain trucks, hopper bottom bins and center bin unload systems so you can use it anywhere.

The 2045LP features Brandt's EZTRAK tensioning and tracking system which keeps your belt aligned and properly tensioned at all times. EZTRAK automatically adjusts itself so you have to set it less often and the visual tension indicator makes it easy to see when adjustment is needed.

Available with EZMOVE with joystick controlled hydraulic steering to do the heavy lifting for you. This integrated mover system is designed to work both in the yard and out in the field. It has deep treaded steering tires and a wider stance to keep the GrainBelt stable in uneven terrain.

"Thenew 2045LP builds upon thesuccess of Brandt's versatile 1545LP GrainBelt, but doubles the capacity to move any grain, anywhere you need, in half the time' said Arnie Josephson, Brandt's General Sales Manager. "Moving big volumes of product very quickly, andyet still very gently, is now possible with the introduction of this exciting new truck loading, air seeder cart loading, rail car loading, GrainBelt."

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. engineers and manufactures a complete line of grain handling equipment including grain augers, grain belt conveyors,grain carts, grain vacs, grain bag loaders,and grain bag unloaders as well as heavy harrows.

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