Brandt is proud to announce the new Brandt EZSwing Hopper Mover, now available on all Brandt Swing Away Augers. Unveiled at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in February, the Brandt EZSwing Hopper Mover is the new benchmark in hopper mover technology.
The EZSWING system is built around a heavy-duty power module that is designed to handle tough conditions. It has a durable built in keypad so you can operate it without the remote and a safety system that alerts others when the system is in use.
The twin drive system improves efficiency and reliability by maintaining constant traction and reducing scrubbing. Two independent, high torque motors directly power hopper mounted drive wheels for maximum leverage, traction and stability.
The EZSWING system features a long range remote easily synchronized with the push of a button. The intuitive controls allow easy operation from the seat of the cab.
With the available integrated full bin alarm you’ll never have to worry about overfilling a bin again. When triggered, the adjustable sensor wirelessly communicates with the EZSWING module and informs the operator through a siren and vibrating remote.
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