For more than 25 years, AKE Safety Equipment Has been an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing handheld fire extinguishers. And now the company is proud to announce the creation and distribution of the all new AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE, an extinguisher that can activate itself automatically.

No matter where you live, there will always be a need for having a fire extinguisher in your home. And where there's a need for a fire extinguisher, an AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE will prove to be of the utmost benefit. From utility rooms to kitchens and even bedrooms, these fire extinguishers are safe to keep anywhere. They can also be of extreme value in barns, automotive shops, factories and other places that are prone to fire.

The AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE works by using a temperature-sensitive head. When the head reaches a certain temperature, the fire-suppression is automatically released. If needed, there is a manual method of releasing the fire-suppression, meaning the AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE can still operate as a handheld extinguisher.

Now you have a way to protect your most valuable assets, including tools, cars, and even your loved ones.

AKE Safety Equipment has two different versions of the AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE. The standard model is available for around $2,000. The Premium version will cost about $2,500. Knowing that many people cannot afford to put this much money upfront toward a fire extinguisher, the company is proud to announce it will offer financing and leasing deals.

If you would like more information on the all new AUTOMATIC STOP-FRYE, contact AKE today by calling 888-673-4734, or by visiting the website.