Since 1989 Hagedorn has been manufacturing manure spreading equipment. For the last 25 years they have manufactured the Hydra-Spread model. In 2014, they introduced their newest model, the 8610 Extravert. There are a few ways that this is changing the industry.

The Extravert is the largest hydraulic push vertical beater manure spreader. Hagedorn has spent years perfecting their manure spreaders and have found several ways to improve on this model from past models. They have improved the handling of the unit as well as the process of refining the manure. It also offers Rip Grip tip design for their model. This is a replaceable part that keeps the spreaders moving faster. The beaters are overlapping so that the manure is processed fully. In fact nothing larger than the size of an average fist can escape the box.

Hagedorn is a company that is known for their quality equipment that is designed to stand the test of time. Not only can farmers expect to get the performance they want, but they will also have the reliability they want with a unit. While most people know this company for their manure spreaders, the origins of the company go back to 1928 with a seed cleaning business. Over the years they have manufactured products such as snowblowers and other major farm equipment. More than 20 years ago they gave all that up in order to perfect the manure spreader.

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An overview of the Extravert vertical beater manure spreader from Hagedorn.