Bestway Inc. a leading manufacturer and marketer of agricultural sprayers, recently announced the introduction of the PRO-MOUNT™ 360, 3-point mounted sprayer.

The new PRO-MOUNT™ 360 features an industry exclusive hydraulic front folding Pro-Flex 60 ft. spray boom built from Bestway’s proprietary FiberWorks™ fiberglass composite material.   FiberWorks™ is 1/3 the weight of steel yet 3 times more impact resistant, providing owners an extremely durable boom system vs. conventional steel, x-fold design booms.  A 300 gallon oval product tank helps keep the weight close to the tractor for improved lift capacity.  Integrated parking stands deploy easily, provide stable parking when dismounted from tractor.

Productivity boosting standard features include “Live” hydraulic boom controls, accumulator boom suspension, Hypro hydraulic pump, chemical inductor, TeeJet 450 boom section control valves and 42” vertical height range of center mast for spraying taller crops.

Options for the PRO-MOUNT 360 include a 50 gallon rinse tank system, electric fence row nozzles, 2-Sensor AutoGlide™ automatic boom height control as well as several spray controller options.

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