Orthman announces the launch of precision nutrient placement implements and the expansion of its residue management product line.
“With the largest new product introduction in our history, Orthman continues to exercise our commitment to providing agronomic solutions to producers,” said Rod Haarberg, senior vice president of marketing. Designed for precision nutrient placement, the Orthman 3 AP Fertilizer Applicator makes the pre- and post-emergent application of NH3, liquid or dry fertilizer easy. The 3 | AP is equipped with a lead cutting coulter, spring-loaded application shank and wrench-free adjustable floating sealing disks allowing it to be used in all soil conditions and residue types.
Another addition to the nutrient placement family of products is the 3 | LP Liquid Fertilizer Applicator, available in three-point mounted configurations with a heavy-duty spring coulter and either shank or high-pressure fertilizer injection systems. Both applicator options are built around the all-new, zero-daily maintenance coulter design that features greaseless, sealed-for-life bearings, greaseless composite bushings in main pivot points and a chemical-resistant rubber spring.
Orthman’s Track Tillr™ features an innovative set of tooling to break apart hard ruts, fill and pack the pivot track with soil and feather out the soil surface up to 100” wide, creating a level seedbed. Unlike typical v-shaped track fillers that funnel soil and residue from the outside of the machine directly to the center, the Track Tillr tills and seals the track from the center out to the edges of the machine. This generates a flatter surface, puts less residue in the track for better packing and creates optimal subsurface conditions for strip-tillage and planter operations.

Learn more about Orthman’s innovative and rugged agriculture equipment at www.orthman.com.