Every tree pulling operation needs a cab guard/grapple to complete each job. The cab guard prevents the tree from damaging the cab's glass, while the grapple lifts the tree for removal.

Unfortunately, it used to take a separate attachment to actually pluck the tree from the earth. The EZ Grapple/Cab Guard solves this issue with a single attachment to pull the tree, load the debris and protect the operator. This single attachment saves time and money, because the push of a button allows you to switch from the puller to the grapple function.

The EZ Grapple/ Cab Guard can be ordered with an easy puller or separately, because it mounts to any CL fabrication EZ Puller with 6 bolts. The EZ Grapple includes 12V Solenoid hydraulic valve, hoses and wiring harness. It's ready to work as soon as it's installed and it's sure to make jobs easier.

Cost for EZ Grapple/Cab Guard- $1395.

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