Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr allows farmers, facility managers and contractors to quickly and accurately verify net payloads and weigh trucks without experiencing time disruptions to their operations. Semi-portable so that it can be transported among locations, AxleWEIGHr benefits from a precast, concrete construction that has a patent pending permits payloads to roll over its scale at three miles per hour.

Benefits and Features of Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr

Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr is more economical than traditional weighers. Priced at 1/4 of the cost of full length scales, the axleWEIGHr saves agricultural and industrial businesses a lot of time and a lot of money because they will not need to drive trucks to a remote truck scale.

You get accurate, net payload weights every time with the axleWEIGHr's easy-to-use controller that automatically assesses each truck passing over the scale. No need for trucks to stop on the axleWEIGHr–simply keep the truck moving at two or three miles an hour and receive your weight instantly.

Improved memory capability allows users to store up to 250 different weight amounts. When jobs are completed, simply transfer or print transaction counts (includes date, time and truck ID) and total payload summary to disk.

Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr offers better than ±0.5 percent repeatability. due to extensive testing and field trials that indicate level and flat concrete reaches of ±0.25 percent or better exactness is achievable. In addition, a low learning curve faciltates installation and reduces overhead costs. Setting up AxleWEIGHr requires no specialized tools or in-depth knowledge.

After establishing a 12-inch foundation under the scale (compacted, CA-6 crusher run stone) and provide the controller with an electrical connection, users will create a level, smooth transition from the scale to the road by backfilling around Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr. To enhance performance metrics, pouring concrete approaches before and after the scale is recommended.

Rinstrum's axleWEIGHr not only eliminates costly tickets due to illegal loads but helps reduce the risk of accidents that can happen when trucks experience unexpected imbalances from even the slightest overloads.

Thousands of agricultural businesses operating all over the world have relied on Rinstrum for their smart weighing solutions for 20 years. Discover the many advantages provided by the axle WEIGHr today by visiting Rinstrum.