A rugged, reliable and affordable sprayer with the industry’s best warranty becomes an even better value in 2015.

Equipment Technologies announced an improved five-year warranty on its 2015 model Apache self-propelled sprayers. The enhanced warranty, combined with the Apache’s already low cost of ownership, high fuel economy and easy-to-maintain mechanical drive transmission, should save farmers thousands of dollars in machinery and production costs.

The new Apache AS1025.

“Farmers invest a lot of time and money in their operations, and we work hard to build quality sprayers that stand up to tough conditions without breaking the bank,” said Matt Hays, Equipment Technologies Chief Executive Officer. “For the 2015 model year we’ve taken our value proposition to a new level.”

Every new Apache comes with a five-year warranty. For 2015 the warranty covers all machine parts for the first two years up to 1,000 hours of operation, and the drivetrain and parts for years 3-5 up to 2,000 hours of operation. Apaches also come with a free 30-point machine inspection after the first year of use. The Guardian Inspection Program™, valued at $600, covers more than 400 Apache parts, and includes maintenance on parts covered by warranty and greasing the sprayer.

Farmers can choose from among five Apache models: AS720 (750-gallon product tank, 160 horsepower), AS1025 (1,000-gallon tank, 173 horsepower), AS1220 (1,200-gallon tank, 215 horsepower), AS1020 Plus II (1,000-gallon tank, 275 horsepower) and AS1220 Plus II (1,200-gallon tank, 275 horsepower).

Standard Apache features include:

  • A state-of-art cab with full precision technology, intuitive control console, ergonomic seat design, rearview camera display, noise-dampening features, Polk™ Audio system with Jensen® HP speakers, SiriusXM™ radio, “plug and play” ISOBUS technology, multiple storage compartments, 360 view with more than 66 square feet of glass, digital media USB jack and Bluetooth™-ready.
  • “Flex-Frame” construction for smoother ride.
  • Patented suspension system with anti-sway hydraulics.
  • Hella® Halogen lighting package.
  • Torque-converted, power shift transmission for tough terrain.
  • A lighter weight-to-horsepower ratio that sends 98 percent of the Apache’s horsepower to the ground. Apaches weigh 3,000-9,500 pounds less than competing sprayers.

Apache owners can choose boom widths ranging from 80-100 feet. Aluminum Pommier™ booms of 120- and 132-feet are available as an option.

In addition, 85 percent of replacement parts fit all Apache models. Because of its mechanical drive transmission Apaches do not use wheel motors like hydrostat-type sprayers, Wheel motors can cost up to $10,000 apiece to replace.

No other sprayer retains its value like an Apache. Sales data show that after five years the average Apache is worth 79 percent of its original purchase price.

“When farmers compare the Apache to other sprayers they will agree that the Apache provides the best value,” Hays said.

Visit www.etsprayers.com for more information.