A full size, hydraulic angle silage blade has been introduced by ANBO Manufacturing. These heavy-duty blades are perfect for moving large amounts of material quickly. The blade features a heavy-duty 3/8-inch mold board. A unique rear formed channel is designed to add strength and help prevent material build up on the blade itself. The mold board has a 12-inch full view perforated top screen for easy visibility of the material load and to allow the operator to guide direction of the push.

The standard Silage blade is offered in a straight push for basic operational performance. The blade can also be upgraded with full hydraulic angle capabilities of up to 30 degrees left and right. Another upgrade from that would be to go full 6 way hydraulic angle and 10 degrees hydraulic tilt to allow for more material control and easier operation in tight places.

Machine compatibility is virtually limitless.  ANBO has the inventory of mounts and designs to be able to utilize the blade on almost any make and model of machine in the market today. ANBO can also provide custom mount solutions for unique situations where the product legacy has changed the configuration. Most of these blades are used on machines that have horsepower ratings of 75 to 300 horsepower.

There are a host of other options that are featured on the blade. It comes in user definable widths from 10 feet to 20 feet, along with several other key options including pin-on box ends for even more material handling and control. If the carrier machine does not have the additional hydraulic lines for the angle function, a hydraulic diverter valve can easily be added to provide that additional function. The unit also has replaceable high carbon grader bits to allow for optimal clearing and scraping performance over the life of the product. There are also fully adjustable, extra wide abrasion resistant skid shoes to provide for user definable blade settings to optimize the material collection levels, avoid ground contact and prevent collecting dirt and rock.

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