Stay inside during those winter storms and let an Easy Auto Feeder take care of the feeding for you.

During winter, feeding livestock can be one of the most challenging and frustrating events; however, ranchers and farmers can stay snug inside while the Auto Easy Feeder takes care of everything necessary during those winter storms. Remember how the Polar Vortex made nearly everyone stay indoors earlier this year? With this machine working away, taking care of livestock will be easier than ever.

Most large farm animals are capable of eating up to 2% of their own body weight every day, but does anyone truly realize how much feed this actually translates into? Assuming 10 of these large animals weigh 1000-pounds, this will translate into almost 250-pounds of feed per day. Now factor in the number of times that precipitation, wildlife, and over-consumption decimates existing stockpiles of feed.

Many automated feeders are currently on the market today, but they often have limitations on the type of feed that can be used. However, the Easy Auto Feeder works with nearly any type of feed, which includes textured- and cubed-feeds.

The Easy Auto Feeder won’t waste precious resources. It is designed to run at specified intervals, which you can adjust to make sure your livestock receive plenty of food without over-feeding and wasting product. The machine can be set to run up to 80 times every day and for a specified length of time. Furthermore, the machine runs on less electricity than a simple, hanging light in a barn: 12-volts. In addition, the Auto Easy Feeder prevents the loss of feed to pesky wildlife. By setting the controls to feed smaller amounts throughout the day, the supply cost of feed will diminish as livestock eat what is distributed.

The Auto Easy Feeder is manufactured in durable, schedule 40 pipe, steel, and possesses a powder-coating finish, which will resist rust and damage throughout the upcoming winter months. Farmers can simply move the Auto Easy Feeder thanks to the addition of skids with D-Rings.

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