The TERRADISC compact disc harrow is the specialist in shallow tillage. Pöttinger has revised this soil preparation all-rounder and is now introducing to the market the 1001 series as the new folding 3-point mounted and trailed versions. The new generation of compact disc harrow is now available with working widths between 10’ and 20’.

The 1001 series disc harrows have been completely redeveloped from the ground up. A major change is the new Twin-Arm system with each arm secured on a wide clamping bracket and equipped with two new concave scalloped discs. This design guarantees the highest stability thanks to the large dimensions of the bracket. As a result the angle of the discs remains constant and they can't move sideways–even in heavy soil. The thickness of the discs has also been increased while the disc diameter is 13% larger at 22.8”.

Overall, that adds up to an enormous increase in service life of up to 45% for the new generation. Pöttinger sets new standards in service life and durability with these machines.  The working depth is adjusted using one of the tractor's hydraulic remotes, as standard. Working depth is preset hydraulically and is secured using swing clips, which are easily accessible from the front of the machine. The disc bearings also offer the highest level of convenience with sealed maintenance-free bearings mounted on bolted stub axles and featuring large-diameter, twin-race taper bearings with labyrinth seal (six-fold seal) for the best protection. The labyrinth seal is also shielded mechanically by a plate cover to protect against long-fibered harvest trash or bale twine left in the field.

Innovation on trailed machines

Farmer's needs can be fully met by the TERRADISC T. in the operating position the chassis is folded forwards above the rear roller. The center of gravity of the chassis is in front of the rear roller and applies extra weight to the harrow discs. This advantage is reflected in the quality of the work. With the chassis now positioned towards the front, the machine operates extremely smoothly in different soils and varying operating conditions. The machine virtually swallows up every bump in the ground. At the headland the machine runs on the rear roller.

The outermost discs are depth-adjustable for tidy merging. All disc harrows are fitted with edging plates as standard. A tine harrow with tangential 1/2"-thick tines can be mounted as an option. The new generation of TERRADISC harrows ideally combines performance with convenience.

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