Lundell Plastics, Inc., announces an addition to their line of ExoPlate grain cart floor liners with a new design for the Kinze 1050 model.

“This is a different design than any of the other liners we have manufactured,” said CEO Vance Lundell. “Our traditional liners were built for squared bottom carts, where this one is made with a fully-rounded bottom.”

Each of the ExoPlate liners are designed to conform to the unique features of a particular model and are constructed from UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) polyethylene. The polyethylene provides exceptional strength to the finished liner. “This is a plastic that outlasts steel,” said Matt Roeder, Lundell Plastics’ engineer. “The steel of the cart will either wear or rust over time. The floor gets thin and that leaves the owner with two choices; he can either patch it or use the UHMW polyethylene liner. The fact is, the liner will be easier to install, will last longer than the patch job and it won’t create raised areas that could catch grain.”

According to Lundell, most customers come to them after their grain cart has shown dramatic wear. He says these, and the other Lundell Plastics liners, are an investment in prevention as they extend the life of the cart and enhance the resale value.

As Lundell continues expand their ExoPlate line, they encourage producers to bring in measurements and model specs to discuss customization of a piece for their operation.

“Since no two pieces of equipment are exactly alike, we are happy to evaluate what the customer is using, what they need and what is going to be the best solution to their problem,” said Roeder.

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