ANBO Manufacturing, leading manufacturer of grapples and blade attachments for use in agriculture, forestry and construction has announced a new series of grapples designed specifically for the modern rancher.

Made of tough A-572 alloy steel, the Rancher Series grapples come in sizes from 69 inches to 94 inches and can be made to fit virtually any carrier.  It features an extra wide 75-inch opening for picking up large round bales, square bales or large brush piles.  The 8-inch tine spacing provides the ability to forward and back rake fine hay and debris into easily manageable piles of material that can be picked up and relocated.  

Rancher Series grapples also feature serrated edges which provide an extra strong bite and hold on loads, preventing them from slipping.  Complete with 3,000 psi heavy duty welded cylinders, the Rancher Series grapples have outstanding clamping power for secure loads.

Long-time rancher Gerald Scholz brags about his new ANBO Rancher Series Grapple.

“My family has owned property in Okanogan County for decades,” Scholz says. “They’ve purchased numerous ranching products to toil, till, and transform the land – but never one that works this well!”

“The 8 inch spacing between the tines is perfect for picking up both small and large materials,” Scholz said. “And, as another great feature, there are wedges on the front of the fork which will actually lift your dirt up, hold larger rocks tightly, then let the dirt fall out; it’s like a sifting effect.”

The Rancher Series grapple provides livestock professionals a hard working tool to reduce labor, increase efficiency and to simplify projects and chores. Great for maintaining fence rows, pulling fence posts, carrying fence posts, feeding livestock, placing heavy bales into feeders without damaging the feeders, picking large amounts of silage or manure and cleaning feedlots and pens.

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