The German-engineered Rubin 12 from LEMKIN has 29-inch serrated discs – the largest on the market – which penetrate up to eight inches to effectively manage large amounts of residue, and provide intensive, uniform mixing and crumbling even in heavy soil. The Rubin 12 saves farmers time and money by performing multiple tillage, residue management and seedbed preparation operations in a single high-speed pass, and replaces a cultivator in many situations.
The unique symmetrical arrangement of the Rubin 12’s concave discs prevent side-pulling, so it drives straight behind the tractor. Each disc is individually mounted on pre-tensioned springs, so they ride smoothly over obstacles, and the efficient cutting action, due to the disc angle, provides greater fuel efficiency. Optional rollers level and pack the soil for a perfect finish that prevents surface soil erosion.

At working speeds up to 10 mph, the Rubin 12 covers more acres per hour and a central hydraulic depth control in-cab maintains a constant working depth. Double angular ball disc bearings need no adjustments or greasing, so farmers spend less time on maintenance or manual settings.

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