Six new models to the KIOTI NX Series additions bring more power and less fuel to the rugged utility tractor line. Featuring a common rail diesel engine with Daedong ECO technology, the new NX models meet strict EPA certification standards with powerful performance.

With optional turn assist control and true speed cruise control (HST models), the new NX tractors ensure precision and power. The new NX models include an open station platform design for easy access and operator comfort, ergonomic controls, and dual hydrostatic transmission (HST) pedals for easy forward and reverse operation (HST models only). When the dual HST pedals are engaged and synchronized with the engine rpm, fuel consumption is reduced while simplifying tractor utility and loader applications. Additionally, the tractors’ power take-off (PTO) cruise function allows operators to set and control PTO rpm speeds with a press of a button. All six models are also equipped with independent rear braking, remote three-point control, a lift arm adjustment handle and diesel particulate filter (DPF). Furthermore, the tractors’ engines gross 45 to 55 HP, deliver a rear PTO speed of 540 rpm and support a 3,177-pound lift capacity.

“The introduction of the new NX tractor models is the latest representation of KIOTI’s commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility and understanding of our customer’s needs,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, chief executive officer of Daedong-USA, Inc., KIOTI Tractor Division. “The NX Series is known for its comfort, power and reliability and we look forward to the positive reception from the farming community.”


DK “10” Series

New features bring additional comfort, functionality and power to the hard-hitting DK “10” Series. The new DK “10” Series include six new tractor models that are rugged, comfortable and fuel-efficient.

The DK “10” Series engines gross 45 to 55 HP and are available with a synchro or H-shuttle transmission. In addition to the comfort and convenient features that embody the DK series, the “10” series are outfitted with ergonomic controls and an open platform (ROPS) design with ample legroom for operators. The new DK’s fuel filter, oil filter, coolant reservoir, dipstick and fuel tank are all accessible from one side for easy access. The models are also equipped with standard features such as 4WD, rear differential lock, remote three-point control lever, adjustable RH lift link, wet disc brakes, hydrostatic power steering, front work lights and auto power take-off (PTO).

“The expansion of the DK Series allows us to provide our customers the superior quality they deserve and the power they desire,” says Peter Dong Kyun Kim, chief executive officer of Daedong-USA, Inc, KIOTI Tractor Division. “The DK Series has been a great success, and we are excited to announce the new models.”


New PX Ag Tractor Series

The new PX Series is the latest in the KIOTI suite of tractor innovations. Starting at a 91.2 HP diesel engine, the PX Series delivers impressive power and tackles the toughest of jobs.

The PX9020 tractor, KIOTI’s first available model in the PX Series, is outfitted with a deluxe temperature controlled cab with moon roof and is available with a 16 x 16 synchronized shuttle transmission with creep speed gear. The PX9020 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, rear differential lock, dual remote hydraulic valves, outside lift control, selectable ground speed power take-off (PTO), telescopic lowering ends, crank adjustable RH lift link and wet disc brakes. Additionally, the tractor offers a rear PTO speed of 540 rpm and optional PTO speed of 1,000 rpm, as well as a 4,850-pound lift capacity. The PX’s heavyweight construction outweighs the competition allowing for better traction and increased stability.   

“The PX Series is fully featured, comfortable and ready for any job that demands a durable tractor,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, chief executive officer of Deadong-USA, Inc., KIOTI Tractor Division. “This series responds to the needs of our customers looking for high performance, smooth handling and dependability. So far, the response has been extremely positive.”

With many standard features including a one piece hood with single side service points, synchronized shuttle lever and push button 4WD, the PX Series can be augmented with the KL9020 front loader. The self-leveling front loader’s low profile design and built-in parking stand make for easy operation and increased visibility. Optional equipment includes a third remote hydraulic valve, additional hydraulic lift cylinder, beverage cooler/heater and front weights.

"We are thrilled to be offering the PX9020 to our customers. On top of being an all-around good tractor, it has some solid muscle to it," explained James Sloan, owner of Stigler Milling in Oklahoma. "The PX9020 is heavy duty which allows it to get great traction and have incredible pulling power compared to any 90-horse tractor in the market."

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