When you need a powerful, land clearing, right-of-way drum mulcher to complete heavy-duty tasks, Pro Mac's new 60HFT drum mulcher offers the versatility, dependability and high performance quality necessary to mulch the thickest expanses of brush, trees or grasses and finish the job without difficulty.

Pro Mac's 60HFT drum mulcher has been available to new and existing Pro Mac customers for the past two years. Pro Mac's newest version of the 60HFT drum mulcher is planned for release in spring/summer of 2015 and boasts the addition of a 100-inch dual drive unit, low profile tooth holders on the drum to prevent damage when struck by immoveable objects, and a drive system that will be entirely closed and protected. Each unit can also be customized with your choice of teeth to accommodate various field terrain and conditions. Moreover, Pro Mac's 60HFT drum mulcher is engineered to withstand harsh conditions imposed by 40-ton carriers.

Pro Mac's 60HFT drum mulcher has been the first choice in mulchers for customers needing dependable and effective land-clearing equipment. The new 60HFT drum mulcher slated for release in spring/summer of 2015 is fully expected to enhance its already excellent reputation as a first-rate drum mulcher by facilitating land-clearing jobs and accelerating job completion times.

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