Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., creator and patent holder of waterless engine coolants, recently announced the availability of its Arctic coolant in gallon-size containers.  Evans Arctic waterless coolant is designed specifically for use in environments as cold as -60°F.  Although solidifying at temperatures below its -60°F freezing point, Evans Arctic will not damage radiator tubes or cause blocks to crack because it shrinks when it changes state, in contrast to water-based products, which expand upon changing state.  Evans tested and demonstrated its ability to perform at both ends of the temperature spectrum at the Iron Dog snowmobile race in Alaska last February, where temperatures reached below minus 50°F.  In the same racing event, lack of snow in parts of the 2000 mile-long circuit created overheating issues for many riders, but not for those with Evans in their machines. 

With Evans waterless coolant there is always a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its high boiling point (375°F).  Vapor does not form in the coolant jacket as it can with water-based coolants.  The metal surfaces are always in contact with liquid coolant, so metal temperatures are always under control.  Evans’ advanced technology can also lower maintenance costs, improve performance and reliability, and offer superior protection against corrosion and electrolysis. 

Evans waterless coolants are used in engines ranging from heavy duty trucks to motorcycles, and from construction equipment to classic cars.  Factory sponsored motocross teams from around the world use Evans to protect engines, prevent coolant loss, and win races. 

Evans combines performance and economic advantages with a long lasting formula that contributes to a better environment.