CORDEXagri recently expanded their baling products with the addition of xxiD® Netwrap, a unique identification system. This new revolutionary identity tracking system allows total traceability–from production to storage.

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By using a barcode on the roll core or by its unique identity woven into the structure of the net, the patent-pending netwrap stores traceable information about the bale–such as direction (left or right), year or season, production month and week and loom number. On complete bales, xxiD® Netwrap can always be traced.

The new xxiD® Netwrap from CORDEXagri is light weight–up to 8% less for the same roll length, yet highly resistant–up to 16% stronger than standard nets. Side to side coverage, UV protection and 50m red end warning system helps guarantee trouble-free performance.

Visit CORDEXagri’s interactive online tool kit at to choose the right baler twine and net wrap for your needs.