Curtis Industries, LLC manufacturer of cab enclosures, attachments and accessories for compact vehicles, announces the release of its new cab system for the Yanmar sub-compact 424 tractor.
The cab windshield, rear window and doors are AS2 tempered safety glass giving the operator a full 360 degree visibility range. Venting windshield and rear window offer flow-through ventilation. Doors feature full perimeter rubber seal to prevent drafts. Doors remove in seconds without tools for warm weather operation.
The Curtis cab is modular in design. Available as a complete cab or order the windshield, doors or rear window separately. The cab uses the factory roof and mounts to 424 tractors equipped with a factory 4-post ROPS.
Windshield wiper with full 110 degree sweep is included. Optional custom pre-wired light kit is also available which includes two sets of 3" round LED work lights and dome light with switch panel.

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