If you’re a farmer, rancher, or property owner you’re expected to be everywhere and to do everything, all the time. You might not have time to inspect your electric fence to make sure it’s working, but you can’t afford not to.


With the new Fence-Alarm™ you’re only a text message away from knowing your fence’s condition and voltage. Instead of taking hours tediously inspecting your fence or wondering if it’s working properly, Fence-Alarm will notify you within seconds of any fence-related issue.

Fence-Alarm™ is the world's first solar-powered, mobile device-integrated fence-monitoring system that updates in real time. Fence-alarm can ‘see’ any problems with your fence and sends notification immediately, for example, when your fence voltage is too low. It’s 24/7 monitoring delivers status updates to all cell phones with its own app. It can be placed anywhere along your fence, and works with any brand of fence energizer.

Visit www.fence-alarm.com or call 844-FNC-ALRM for more information.