Hagie Mfg. and AirScout are pleased to announce anew joint endeavor to deliver value to customers by uniting state-of-the-art field prescription services with capability for timely applications management.

Disease pressure can create crop demise and result in significant financial impact. Through marrying advanced aerial technology with capability to perform full season applications as needed, growers and agricultural retailers are able to optimize soil and crop health for maximum yield potential. The perfect complement to traditional field-based scouting services, AirScout’s Application Program utilizes advanced thermal technology and ADVI imagery to build precise field prescription maps to be transmitted to a specially designed 2016 Hagie AirScout Edition STS unit. The fully customized applicator will utilize technologies including Raven’s Slingshot® wireless tool, 360 Yield Center’s “Undercover“ and “Y-Drop” devices. The unit also features a modified tank that is divided into four sections and a plumbing manifold that allows various loading options. The machine’s dual pumps and manifolds allow for two entirely different application processes to occur at the same time.

The Hagie AirScout Edition unit will be made available this summer to providers utilizing AirScout prescription services in Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. Visit www.hagieairscount.com for the tour schedule.