Iowa-based plastics manufacturer Lundell Plastics continues to grow their ExoPlate™ product lineup with the addition of three new corn head wear products: Corn Head Snout Wear Strip, Corn Head Rear Divider Wear Plate, and Corn Head Ear Saver Flaps. The new harvest wear products, which were introduced in the 2015 Lundell Product Catalog, compliment their existing line of Corn Head Auger Trough Liners and Combine/Grain Tank Floor Liners.

Made from High Molecular Weight plastic, the ExoPlate Wear Strips provide added protection from the rigors of harvest season while increasing the life of combine corn head snouts and reducing the number of ears that escape during harvest.

“Our new corn head harvest products not only help with repairing worn snouts, but also keep ears of corn inside the head, ensuring that you aren’t leaving money lying in the field,” said company president Vance Lundell. Lundell went on to say, “While these products are not currently listed on our website, we encourage customers to review our 2015 Product Catalog and learn about the new harvest products.”

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