Dremel aims to meet customers’ needs for orderly workspaces and improve efficiency by “Cutting Out the Cleanup”.

The Dremel brand is thrilled to announce its latest innovation with the introduction of the Dremel® VRT1, a new vacuum-powered rotary tool that cleans debris while in operation. The VRT1 transforms a shop vacuum into a versatile, turbine-powered rotary tool in an effort to improve workspace cleanliness and keep airborne dust to a minimum. As the only dustless rotary tool, it is designed to “cut out the cleanup” involved with dusty projects in drywall, wood, glass, ceramic and a variety of similar dust-producing materials.

“Consumers were asking for a tool solution that helped them keep their workspaces and homes clean as they worked,” said Ed Pchola, product director for Dremel. “The Dremel VRT1 does exactly that with its vacuum-rotary tool combo, which increases project efficiency—no need to stop to clean up debris, because it is happening while using the tool.”

With power similar to a 4.8V cordless rotary tool, the VRT1 can be used with a wet/dry vacuum with 110 CFM or greater. Dual fans are activated when the airflow gets pulled into the shop vacuum through dust intake ports. This creates power and rotation to drive the accessory, while also allowing dust through and into the shop vacuum. The tool attaches with 1 1/4 inch shop vacuum hoses and adapters and can be used with your favorite Dremel sanding, polishing, carving, drilling and engraving accessories.

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