Weather Trends International launched to help farmers become proactive, rather than reactive with their 2015 and 2016 crop plans given the potential impact of what may be the strongest El Niño in over 100 years. The web and mobile tools provide year-ahead temperature, rainfall, snowfall and growing degree day forecasts; shorter term forecasts are available for soil moisture, soil temperature, evapotranspiration, wind, humidity, UV and sunshine hours with both long and short term forecasts covering 6.4 million locations worldwide.

"Farmers don't need more data they need simple, actionable and proven longer range year-ahead forecast information on what the weather is most likely to do week-by-week so they can plan a proactive strategy for the year ahead," said Bill Kirk, CEO Weather Trends International.  A year-ahead plan that helps answer the questions: Which seed variety will maximize yields? Is it a late or early planting season? When to apply more or less fertilizer? Will pollination occur during a major heat-wave? Is it a bad pest year or bad disease year? Is harvesting too wet? Will there be higher or lower prices? 

"Our vision here at Weather Trends International is to help any farmer, anywhere in the world increase yields to feed the world while taking some of the weather headaches away…and El Niño will bring one big headache, and potentially a severe drought in 2016," added Kirk.