With the introduction of the Terrano FM, HORSCH LLC is providing a solution for producers looking for a cultivator that maximizes residue incorporation and leaves a level, consolidated surface.

The Terrano FM is designed for fall primary tillage, capable of handling all residues. Key to its performance is the four rows of shanks with an in-row spacing of 60 inches and an overall shank spacing of 15 inches, which creates a uniform subsurface of soil and residue, allowing for a more complete breakdown of the residue. The new shank has an option of 14-inch sweeps with a twisted cover board. The benefit of this configuration is that the soil remains in the machine longer, due to the machine depth, resulting in more thorough residue blending and superior residue flow.

As the soil and residue flow through the Terrano FM, the surface is leveled with a row of hydraulically adjustable leveling discs. The final touch is applied by the double RollFlex finishing system, which effectively consolidates the soil and residue, creating an optimum environment for residue decomposition. The RollFlex also provides an ideal environment the following spring for roots to explore the entire soil profile.

The Terrano FM has a trip force of 1,800 pounds and is designed to be run up to 10 inches deep, with the depth being completely controlled from the cab.

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