For the last 20 years, HLA Snow has developed a comprehensive lineup of snow and ice management tools suitable for a wide range of equipment from 20 HP right up to 200 HP. Whether you’re clearing sidewalks or country lanes, HLA Snow has a blade that will fit your needs.

In addition to line of angle blades, snow pushers, snow buckets, and spreaders, HLA Snow offers premium snow clearing equipment like our SnowWings, SixWay Blades, and our Razor SnowPushers. All HLA Snow products are built to stand strong against the woes of winter.


One of the most unique features of the HLA SnowWing is its rotary actuated endplates. This ingenious patented system allows the operator to independently control the endplates in a full 180 degree rotation. Now you can convert your blade from box to angle and add an extra six feet of clearing width.

All blades that angle and have rotating endplates have potential to cause tire damage, and that’s why HLA developed their Patented Tire Protection System.  This adjustable system automatically rotates the endplates away from the tire if there is the potential for collision.

The 4206W and 5206W series SnowWings come standard with six foot wings. These blades allow you to add 12 feet of extra clearing width to the mouldboard while maintaining minimal transportation width when the wings are folded  in. Each 6 feet wing features a removeable top panel which provides lower wing clearance.

Razor SnowPusher

The Razor SnowPusher uses a segmented mouldboard which can easily adapt to the contours of the ground. The individual mouldboards are able to react independently as they encounter obstacles. This ensures that the maximum amount of cutting edge remains in contact with the ground at all times. Sturdily built, each mouldboard floats on steel parallel linkages which provides the strength  needed for pushing and stacking heavy snow. Each mouldboard is equipped with both a cutting edge trip and a mouldboard trip ensuring the right amount of deflection with minimum loss of contact.

SixWay Blades

The SixWay snow blade is one of the unsung heroes of HLA Snow’s product lineup, but continues to see growth in popularity along the east coast. The SixWay snow blade is designed with independently adjustable left and right mouldboards, allowing for optimal deflection or scooping of snow. With mouldboard configurations that allow you to scoop or windrow, their SixWay snowblades are ideal for clearing snow away from anywhere.

HLA Snow products are engineered and field tested by our dedicated staff, who bear the cold and scrape their knuckles in real world environments to ensure that when you receive your HLA product, it performs as promised.

On those cold dark nights when the snow won’t stop falling, you can stay in the cab and rest easy because it’s an HLA.

For more information on HLA Snow products visit or contact us at 1-866-567-4162.